Alumni Advisory Board

  • The Alumni Advisory Board is made up of chapter alumni and other professionals who support the undergraduate chapter in various aspects of chapter management. Board members can be Sigma Nu alumni, parents, faculty or staff members of the host institution, men or women who want to support the undergraduate chapter.


  • The Purpose is to Advise, guide, and mentor collegiate members and officers.
    Provide ongoing support for the chapter and its officers through periods of transition.
    Create long-term continuity among the chapter and the alumni.
    Preserve organizational knowledge from year to year.
  • Resources

    We will be adding resources for you to be able to utilize and prepare for our journey. Look back here often and at to learn more.



  • Alumni Advisory Board Members

  • Name Position
    Don Bonney Education
    Aaron Farmer Finance/Athletics
    Brian Folks Recorder
    Chris Healy Recruitment Advisor
    Daniel Krall Member at Large
    James Lardy Member at Large
    Shay Middleton Alumni Relations Advisor
    Steve Nielander Chapter Advisor/Scholarship
    Chris Schon Risk Management Advisor
    Jim Stark Chair/Chapter Advisor
    Ted Ulovec Marshal Advisor
    Nick Volchok LEAD Advisor/Membership Chair
  • We will be expanding the list of members on the Alumni Advisory Board over the next 12 months three fold. We need lots of Alumni to pull this off so contact the chairman and volunteer you skills. Those that have already volunteered, we have you on our list and will be contacting your soon to meet and start training for the task at hand. So, be prepared to step up.